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5ply Automatic Corrugation Paperboard Production Plant

5ply Automatic Corrugation Paperboard Production Plant

Part one. Main technical data: 1. Model: WJ150-1800 five layer corrugated carton production line 2. Design Speed: 150 m/min 3. Manufacture Width: 1800 mm b. Surface roll width: 1850mm 4. a. Flute Type: UV type. b. Flute height:A flute 4.3mm, B flute 2.65mm 5. Steam Pressure: Max 1.6Mpa, normal...

    Part one. Main technical data:

    1. Model: WJ150-1800 five layer corrugated carton production line

    2. Design Speed: 150 m/min

    3. Manufacture Width: 1800 mm

    b. Surface roll width: 1850mm

    4. a. Flute Type: UV type.

      b. Flute height:A flute 4.3mm, B flute 2.65mm

    5. Steam Pressure: Max 1.6Mpa, normal about 1.2-1.3MPa

    6. Steam Consumption: 2900 -3600kg/h (suggest use 4T boiler)

    7. Economic speed: 120-130m/min

    8. (Corrugated paperboard: 150-180g/m2, Corrugated paper: 150--180g/m2, liner paper: 150-180g/m2)

      Notes: Quality accords with national B grade above standard, Paper water containing rate: 11%±1。

    8. Total installed power: 220KW, normal work use: about 180kw

    9. Mechanical total length: about 72m

    10. Paperboard cutting length: 500-9999mm

    11. Paperboard cutting precision: ±1mm under stable speed.




    Part Two: Equipments list


    Machine name




    Total price


    RS-1500HA Hydraulic mill roll stand

    Adopt expand clamp type, single side max load weight: 3000kg, diameter of paper reel: 1500mm

    5 sets


    Railing and pulley

    Each Mill roll stand install two railing and pulley, railing length: 6m



    SF-320S Single facer

    Fingerless type, corrugating roll: Φ320mm, made in Beijing package group, the largest corrugating roll manufacturer in north of China. Add spry steam system for corrugated paper, corrugating roll and pressing roll’s bearing adopt NSK, Japan, Motorized control gluing width,  transducer adopt Delta brand, Taiwan.

    2 sets


    SD-800 Pre-heater

    Pre-heating roll cylinder diameter: 800mm, Electro motion angle wrapping, wrapping angle: 60—220 degree

    2 sets


    SH-800 Pre-conditioner

    Pre-heating roll cylinder diameter: 800mm, Electro motion angle wrapping, wrapping angle: 60—220 degree

    2 set


    SH-800 Triplex-pre-heater

    Pre-heating roll cylinder diameter: 800mm, Electro motion angle wrapping, wrapping angle: 60—220 degree

    1 set


    BS-T Bridge Conveyor

    Adopt adsorption type, high pressure suction motor automatic correct error running position.

    1 set


    GA-240D Double Layer Gluing machine

    Pressing rolls type, gluing roll diameter: 240mm, independent frequency control.

    1 set


    DF-800 Double Facer

    Adopt big worm gear box type, dense pressing roll, heating plants surface chromed, heating plants: 520mm* 18pcs, cotton belt made in Shenyang Fuli, China best cotton belt, with belt wash system, hydraulic lift-down cotton belt, adopt many groups separately control temperature suit for different temperature and humidity.

    1 set


    Main drive

    Main drive two sides wall plate adopt heavy duty cast wallboard, could be see inner details, oblique gears, long work life. Easy to add lubricate, main drive roll adopt steel type, cast high quality V type rubber, diameter 800mm, low noisy in high speed work.



    SS-150P Slitter scorer

    Adopt 5 blades 8 scorers, whole machine could be do 90mm left-right move, 1mm tungsten carbide alloy steel, long work life.

    1 set


    Shredder system

    Include cut-suction motor and galvanization pipeline



    NC-150N Cutoff

    Helix blade type, cut blade made in Jeefeng, Taiwan, computer system could storage many different cutting orders, computer system made in Taiwan. Main bearing made in NSK, Japan, whole machine cutting length: 500-9999mm, cutting precision ±1mm in steady speed, Germany design AC servo motor, Germany Kobe driver, inner spry lubricate oil for gears, low noisy in high speed, two sides with windows could see inner running.

    1 set


    CF-150 Stacker

    Single layer type, two section transport carton sheets.

    1 set


    Glue making system

    Automatic circle supply glue, save glue. Include main, carrier, storage pot each 1 set, 2set glue station pump and 2 single facer pump, 1 gluing machine pump,  Pipeline provided by buyer

    1 set


    Electric system

    Whole production line electric parts adopt Simons or Schneider. Whole line electric voltage: 380V, 50Hz.

    1 set


    Pneumatic system

    Made in Airtac, Taiwan

    1 set


    Steam system

    Drain valves made in China. Buyer supply pipelines from boiler to main machine.

    1 set

    Part Four:Buyer supply part 

    Boiler: suggest adopt 4ton type, steam consumption: 2900-3200kg/h, max work pressure: 1.3Mpa

    Glue pipeline: pipeline from glue station to each machine.

    Steam pipeline: From boiler to each machines pipeline.

    Electric wire: From main power to each machine electric wire. (Manufacturer supply main machine to each operate box electric wire)

    Air compressor: two sets 0.9 cube meters air compressor.

    Water, electric, pneumatic and groundsill. (Manufacturer supply necessary groundsill drawing do reference)

    Help installing workers: at least 6 persons to help installing whole production line. 

    Raw materials: Test machine use paper, starch and other necessary use raw materials.

    Part Five: Installing and Train


    a. Manufacturer will arrange 3 engineers do installing whole production line. Mechanical engineer 1 person, electric engineer 1 person, the computer system engineer for NC Cutoff will installing and test before whole line finish installing. 

    b. Buyer supply round air-ticket from Beijing to buyer’s factory fee, arrange lodge and food for engineers, local transport fee and supply 30US dollars fee per day for each engineer.

    c. Buyer should be arrange translators for train the operators during installing and test.

    d. Installing and test time: about 45 days.

    Part Six Quality Guarantee

    1. Quality Guarantee period: one year after final acceptance

    2. Within the period of quality guarantee, the Seller is obliged to supply technical assistance to the Buyer to ensure normal production. Within the period of quality guarantee, in case of any defects or malfunctions, which have been proven to be caused by Seller’s poor materials, designing errors, and poor fabrication and assembly technology, upon receipt of the Buyer’s information in writing, the Seller will send its technicians immediately. 

    3. Within the period of quality guarantee, in case of any defects or malfunctions, which have been proven to be caused by the Buyer using improper material, mis-operating and maintenance, upon receipt of the Buyer’s information in writing, the Seller will send its technicians immediately. The international air tickets (if necessary), local transportation and accommodation will be borne by the buyer.

    Part Seven: Machine specification

    RS-1500HA Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand



    1. Working width: Max: 1800mm, Min: 900mm

    2. Paper roll diameter: Max1500mm, Min350mm

    3. Max loading capacity at each side: 3200kg

    4. Max working pneumatic pressure: 0.6-0.9Mpa

    5. Main shaft diameter: 215mm

    6. Power requirements: 415V, 50Hz

    Machine Introduction:

    1. Symmetric structure with two paper reels loading capacity, allowing paper roll change without downtime (without stop the machine).

    2. The lift-down arm adopted with cast iron curve structure, slinky, firm and steady.

    3. Lift-down, clamp-loosen and left-right move are controlled by hydraulic pressure.

    4. Adopts expansion chuck 

    5. Paper tension controlled by pneumatically operated disc brake, manual setting the tension easily, the tension control unit in auto splicer will take over the control of the brake torque.

    6. Moving shaft adopts excellent quality thick wall seamless steal pipe with the bearing axis together, improved intensity and precision. 

    Raw materials & purchased components:

    a. Main shaft: High quality seamless steal pipe

    b. Both sides wallboard: resin sand, best cast iron type in China.

    c. Main shaft joint channel steal: 280mm

    d. Bearing: Chinese famous brand

    e. Electric components: Schneider or Omron import product. 

    f. Pneumatic components: Airtac, Taiwan and China

    g. Hydraulic components: Beijing Huade Hydraulic Industrial Group Co., Ltd

    SF-320S Single Facer


           image013.jpg image014.jpg


    Working width: Max: 1800mm

    Design speed: 160m/min, normal work speed: 150m/min

    Working gas pressure: 0.6--0.9Mpa, steam pressure: 0.9--1.3Mpa

    Steam consumption: 0.5--0.8t/h, temperature requirements: 160—200 centigrade

    Power requirements: 415V, 50Hz

    Corrugating roller width:1850mm

    Machine Introduction:

    1. Vacuum suction Fingerless design provides perfect flute formation in high speed manufacturing.

    2. Individual immersion oil gear type drive box, separating dynamic vibrations improve running stability, easy and fast for maintenance. Three shafts drive lower corrugating roller, pressure roller and gluing roller. 

    3. The exhaust fun motor drive suction case, absorb corrugated paper surround the corrugating rollers about 180 degree where is positive-pressure zone, make sure big strength for flute making.

    4. Lower corrugating roller suction channel within 2mm, prevent the 2layer carton sheet with stripe on the surface of the face paper.

    5. With “Self-circulating glue feeding system”, save glue and improve work efficiency. 

    6. Pneumatic control for pressure roller load/unload, with cushioning effect. 

    8. Motorized guide plate adjusted the pasting width.

    9. Automatic added lubricates oil device.

    10. The steel blank on top of machine can separate disconnect to clean garbage inside, not need disconnect whole machine. 

    11. Motorized glue quantity adjustment with digital readout system optional.

    12. Glue unit is engaged and disengaged by cylinder movement, generous opening ensure convenient cleaning and maintenance.

    13. Adjust glue thickness: Quantity of pasting glue and controlling glue is controlled by the clearance between glue roller and doctor roller adjust by manual worm box, Automatic PLC type optional.

    14. Corrugating rollers and bearing seat as a unit, fast changing flute and easy to maintenance. Loosen the screw and remove small wallboard could unload the corrugating roller. 

    Raw materials & purchased components:

    a. Corrugating roller: made in Beijing Package Group.

    Brief instruction of Making techniques: At first, forge the raw material, rough machine, the journal ends assemble into the roll blank, joint, backfire forge process, machine to the second destined size and the rough shape of the flutes, harden process, grind by CNC numerical control computer grinding machine, Chrome plating at the flute tips , Tungsten carbide coated optional.

    Corrugating rollers made of 48CrMo alloy steel, and induction hardened with hardness up to HRC58-60.

    Flute: A flute 4.7mm, C flute: 3.5mm, B flute, 2.65mm, E flute 1.5mm, and flute profile UV unless marked. Special fluting requirements can be customized.

    Upper/Lower Corrugating roller diameter: 318mm/320mm. made of 48CrMo alloy steel, and induction hardened with hardness up to HRC58—60.

    b. Pressure roller diameter: 340mm. Adopts 45# seamless steal pipe, surface with hardening treatment.

    c. Gluing roller diameter: 240mm, Adopts 45# seamless steal pipe, surface with special experienced beautifying and chrome plating treatment. 

    d. Doctor roller diameter: 120mm, Adopts 20# seamless steal pipe, surface with Modulation and electroplating treatment. 

    e. Pre-heat roller diameter: 400mm, Adopts 20G steel, thickness of wallboard 20mm, with chromed treatment. 

    f. Wallboard and seat: resin sand 

    g. Driving part seat: channel steel welding form. 

    h. Rotary joint, metal tube: made in Wanxiang group, China largest company

    I. Bearing and bearing with seat: main bear made in NSK, Japan, others made in China famous brand.

    j. Gluing part idle rotary motor: made in CPG Taiwan

    k. Adjusting glue width motor: made in CPG Taiwan

    l. Glue quantity control motor: made in CGP, Taiwan. 

    m. Electric components: Schneider or Omron import product.

    n. Pneumatic components: Airtac, Taiwan and China

    o. Frequency converters: made in Delta Taiwan.

    BS-T Bridge Conveyer




    This is conveyer bridge is designed for transport single-side corrugated paper by the top of the single facer to the multiplex pre-heater.


    Working width: Max: 1800mm, 

    Design speed: 150m/min, normal work speed: 120-150m/min

    Machine Introduction:

    1. Adopts suction tension device, use high pressure adsorption motor to suction the single face paper, make it flat to input the next process.

    2. Installing two operate board, could be adjust on the bridge and ground.

    3. Paper receiving device adopts independent frequency conversion control, manufacture enough single face paper to wave type, and make sure enough storage of single face paper, to keep in-phase different speed in manufacture.

    4. With feeding paper frame on the bridge and two conveyer belt to transport the single face paper to the bridge, forming wave type to storage the single face paper.

    5. The Automatic adjust the position of single face paper, reduce waste paper ratio of the manual operation. 

    6. Equipped block part, in order to single face paper stack well on the bridge when the machine in high speed.

    7. With safety rails, stair cases and board to insure safety of the operator also make easy to operate.

    Raw materials & purchased components:

    1. Main shaft channel steel: 20# steel

    2. Receiving paper part belt: Nylon industrial belt

    3. Storage part belt: Parallel conveyor belt.

    4. Electric components: Schneider or Omron import product.

    SH-D Pre-heater --- Pre-conditioner --- Triplex layer Pre-heater

    image020.jpg image022.jpg


    This machine is used for heating liner (pre-conditioner for corrugated paper), and dry to control temperature and humidity of liner (pre-conditioner for corrugated paper). Pre-conditioner could be adopts hang type if the operate length of production line was too short. 


    Working width: Max: 1850mm  

    Diameter of heating roller: 800mm 

    Wrap angle adjust range: 60-220 degree

    Steam temperature: 150-200 centigrade

    Steam pressure: 0.25t/h

    Power requirements: 415V, 50Hz

    Wrap roller diameter: 120mm

    Machine Introduction:

    1.Accurate grinding and chromed the surface of heating roller and wrap roller, smooth and shining. 

    2.Heating roller adopts professional manufacturer product, passed the nation pressure vessel text.

    3.Heating roller and wrap roller adopts plating treatment.

    4.Motorized wrap angle can be suit for different speed.

    5.Wrap roller: 2sets, one fix roller, and other one floating roller.

    6.Adopts butterfly seal structure on two sides, save the steam and improve heating efficiency 

    Raw materials & purchased components:

    a.Wallboard: resin sand type.

    b.Wrap roller: 20# steel.

    c.Heating roller: 20G steel

    d.Main bearing: adopts famous brand in China

    e.Steam rotary joint, metal tube: made in Wanxiang group, China

    f.Adjust motor: ZJ, China.

    g.Electric components: Schneider or Omron import product.

    GL-240D Gluing Machine




    Manufacture width: 1800mm

    Max design speed: 150mm/min 

    Economic work speed: 120-150mm/min

    Temperature requirements: 150~200℃

    Steam pressure: 1.12--1.3MPa

    Steam consumption: 0.1~0.15MPa

    Compress air: 0.6--0.9MPa

    Power requirements: 415V, 50Hz   

    Pressing method: pressing roller type, pressing board type optional

    Each roller diameter, thickness and manufacture 

    Pre-heating roller diameter: 325mm, thickness 20mm, accurate grinding and chromed 

    Guiding paper roller diameter: 120mm, thickness 15mm, accurate grinding and chromed 

    Gluing roller diameter: 240mm, thickness 30mm, accurate grinding and chromed 

    Doctor roller diameter: 100mm, thickness 15mm, accurate grinding and chromed 

    Machine Introduction: 

    1. Independent motor driving, frequency conversion controlled.

    2. Gluing roller surface experienced beautifying and chromed.

    3. Pressing roller adopts high quality steel product, accurate grinding and chromed.

    4. Pressing roller type with high manufacture efficiency, pneumatic control, easy and fast to operate. 

    5. Automatic recycle pasting glue device control the quantity of glue, avoid glue precipitate, and in order to the quality of glue and save glue.

    6. Contact bar and tension balance roller optional.

    7. Automatic controlling pasting thickness and screen readout device (coder and PLC automatic control) optional

    8. Add heating device, make the glue pasting fast.

    Raw materials & purchased components:

    a. Wallboard: HT200 Cast iron

    b. Bearing: adopts import product

    c. Electric components: Schneider or Omron import product.

    d. Air pneumatic components: Airtac, Taiwan.

    DF-800 Double Facer




    Double facer is corrugated paper enter into hot plants heating and molding after pasted glue, and become board after cooling.


    Manufacture width: 1850mm

    Design speed: 150m/min, normal work speed: 120-150m/min

    Temperature requirements: 160—200 centigrade. 

    Steam work pressure: 0.8—1.3Mpa

    Steam computation: 1.2— 1.8t/h

    Working pressure: 0.6—0.9Mpa

    Heating section length: 9360mm (heating plants: 520mm *18sets ) cooling section length: 7m

    Heating plants:

    Raw materials: 20G steel.

    Manufacture process: accurate grinding surface (chromed type optional)

    Joint method: single plant intersectional joint type.

    Manufacture passed the nation pressure vessel test.

    Temperature control method: separately each group control, could adjust the temperature and humidity of heating plants in different season, to ensure the paper quality.

    Pressing type

    Pressing type: dense pressing roller type

    Pressing roller diameter: 60mm, solid steel

    Support roller diameter: 60mm, solid steel

    Adjustment of belt:

    Equip upper cotton belt left-right correct error device and pneumatic strain set

    Equip lower cotton belt strain correct error set.

    It could optional Importation cylinder.

    Lifting belt type could be choosing electric type or hydraulic type.

    Machine Introduction:

    1. Whole machine adopts width harden channel steel, structure fixedness and figure slinky, suit for high manufacture speed.

    2. Heating plants length 520mm, with many harden steel inside ensure non-deforming.

    3. Steam enters part and exit part adopts “S” type, ensure heating plants temperature stable and well-distributed. Follow first grade for manufacturing, with certificate

    4. Temperature control independent control, suit for different manufacture speed.

    5. Lifting roller part with high efficiency, stable and safe.

    Driving part:

    Main motor drive upper and lower driving rollers by cotton belt, makes the carton to next process.

    Steel rollers covered with high quality wear-resistant rubber with “V” stripe. 

    The driving gear box adopts oblique gear structure, high strength, low noise, and convenient for maintaining.

    Easy to inject lubricate oil for the gear box.

    Raw materials & purchased components:

    a. Heating plants main girder steel: 280# steel

    b. Cooling section main girder steel: 250# steel

    c. Drain valve: made in Beijing

    d. Driving part wallboard: 20# steel

    e. Electric components: Schneider or Omron import product.

    SS-150P Slitter Scorer



    This machine is equipped for the product line that designed for slitting and cutting board for the carton product line. Suggest the buyer adopts two sets make sure 0 seconds changing order. 


    Design speed: 150m/min 

    Max slitting width: 1800mm 

    Min slitting width: 120mm

    Slitting and Scoring: 5blades 8 scorers 

    Power requirements: 415V, 50Hz

    Working pressure: 0.6—0.9Mpa

    Temperature requirements: 5—50 centigrade 

    Relative humidity: 20%--90%

    Machine Introduction:

    1. Frequency conversion controlled could in phase the manufacture speed same.

    2. With automatic grinding system, could non-stop machine for grinding blade wheel.

    3. The grinding system could according to different kinds paperboard to setting grinding time and blanking time.

    4. Adopts 1mm high quality thin blade, make sure cutting part perfect and clean, non-deflecting in flute, not press the flute. Cutting parts beatify and suit for whole sheets printing.

    5. Whole machine could do left-right move 90mm suit for different cutting and scoring.

    6. Shredder system optional.

    Raw materials & purchased components:

    a.Wallboard: Q235A

    b.Slitting motor: frequency conversion control, 1set

    c.Scorer motor: 1set

    d.Left-right motor: 1set

    e.Cutting blade diameter: 200mm, adopts hard type high quality alloy steel.(tungsten carbide, work life 4 million meters)

    f.Bearing: China famous brand

    g.Electric components: Schneider or Omron import product.

    h.Pneumatic components: Airtac, Taiwan, 

    NC-150N Helical Knife Cutoff



    This machine had special structure, better intensity, and high precision, high rigidity grinding gear, high precision knife rest, high speed cut placid, low noise, with industry computer control system. 


    Manufacture width: 1600mm

    Max cutting speed: 150m/min

    Cutting length: max 9999mm, min 500mm

    Cutting precision: ±1mm (in steady speed).

    Paperboard requirements: 

    Liner gram weight: within 360g, corrugated paper: within 200g

    Thickness: 3--14mm, water content: within 10%

    Warpage degree: each 1000mm within 30mm

    Temperature requirements: 5—50 centigrade. Relative humidity: 20%--90%

    Pneumatic gas pressure: 0.6—0.9Mpa

    Cutting shaft diameter: upper 188mm, lower 188mm

    Guiding paper shaft diameter: 

    Front-upper 165mm (sun wheel), front-lower: 135mm

    Back-upper 135mm, Back-lower: 135mm

    Power requirements: 415V, 50Hz

    Machine Introduction:

    1.Special structure type, high quality wallboard and seat, reliable and slinky.

    2.With watch-window on two sides wallboard, easy for see in manufacturing and maintenance.

    3.Driving part adopts automatic recycle lubricate, make sure high precision, high stability.

    4.Adopts high precision and rigidity lapping gear, suit for high speed, oil felt lubrication prolong work-life. Ensure cutting blade accuracy meshing, carton sheets without raw edges.

    5.High precision cutting shaft and cutting seat, reliable and slinky.

    6.Special structure design in changing blade, easy and fast to change blade. 

    7.Whole system design C.E standard strictly, pass industry computer test strictly, ensure high quality, long work life and stability. 

    8.Driving part adopts AC servo drive, drive unit made in Germany, high quality and swift.

    9.Use in special electric system, save electric and could overcome power unstable.

    10.The system had automatic check function, and could prevent equipment mangled by operate out of the rules or cursoriness operation. 

    11.Computer could automatic adjust cutting acceleration according paperboard size and manufacture speed, automatic follow paperboard’s speed, ensure in-phase.

    12.Computer could storage 999 different cutting orders, and could in order or priority choose cutting order.

    13.Equip with electron display screen.

    Raw materials & purchased components:

    a. Wallboard: HT200 Cast iron.

    b. Cutting shaft: 45# steel

    c. Helical blade: W18crv5Co5 (high speed tool-steel), made in Taiwan 

    d. Gear: 40Cr. accurate grinding and modulation treatment

    e. Cutting shaft: NSK, Japan. Others made in China famous brand.

    f. Main drive motor: AC servo, 1set

    g. Transport paperboard motor: 1set

    h. Oil pump motor: 1set

    I. Driving part: Germany

    j. Electric components: Schneider or Omron import product.

    k. Pneumatic components: Airtac, Taiwan.

    CF-150T Cardboard feeding machine


    Picture show double NC cutoff type, one NC cutoff will reduce upper layer.

    Technical parameter

    Max width: 2300mm 

    Max working speed: 150m/min normal work speed: 120-130mm

    Pneumatic pressure: 0.6--0.9MPa

    Work voltage: 415V 50Hz 

    Dimension: 6600mm×2200mm×1500mm


    1. Automatic store up and collect the carton sheets.

    2. Electric horizontal output.

    3. Vertical receive the carton sheets adopts wider conveyer belt to transport.

    4. Carton sheets quantity and height was control by switch then push out.

    Raw materials and bought-in component:

    1. Belt transport motor: 1set, non-stop working, made in China

    2. Horizontal arrange carton sheets motor:  2.2kw, 1set, non-stop working, made in China

    3. Transport belt: industry belt, made in China

    4. Main frame channel steel: 20# steel

    5. Bearing: China famous brand

    6. Electric components: Schneider or Omron import product.

    Glue Making System



    Supply starch adhesive for single facer(s) and gluing machine. Automatic recycle type.


    Horizontal mixer: 1set, 950L

    Carrier pot: 1set, 350L

    Glue making storage pot: 1set, 1000L

    Single facer storage pot: 2sets (5layer production line)

    Single facer transport glue pot: 2sets (5layer production line)

    Gluing machine storage pot: 1set 

    Gluing machine transport pot: 1set

    Machine Introduction:

    1. Supply starch adhesive for single facer(s) and gluing machine. Automatic recycle type.

    2. Horizontal mixer could confects the main glue and carrier glue and then mix them enough with large volume.

    3. Glue pump transport the glue from glue making storage pot, supply enough glue for each single facer and gluing machine.

    4. The storage pot and supply pot all equipped with mixing device, preventing glue from depositing.

    5. Glue making part include Carrier pot, main pot, storage pot, supply pump and return pump 

    6. Adopts automatic recycle supply glue, surplus glue return to the glue pot, automatic glue level control, the return pumped to the storage pot with self-pump, do automatic self-circle, avoiding glue gelling and solidifying in the glue pan.

    7. After finish manufacture, surplus glue returns to glue pot for next time to use.

    8. Manufacturer supply gluing making method.

    Electric System


    Intact electric control system, ensure each machine is stable and reliable. Include computer control station and control panel.


    Working Voltage: 415V, 50Hz (India)

    Could according to buyer’s local to adjust, adopts local electric standard products.

    System Introduction: 

    1. Main control part included single facer(s), double facer, slitter scorer, NC cutoff; make whole production line coordination control

    2. Pneumatic control and electric control composed ensure whole line control’s technical advancement. 

    3. Each machine group all had independent control and coordination control two system, could meet different requirements in separately operate or combine operate. Easy for operate.

    4. Production line equipped with alarm system, coordinate the work between the operators.

    5. Each machine all could show other separately machine’s working speed.

    6. Electric parts made in Schneider or Omron import product.

    Pneumatic System


    Supply compressed air to the complete line, keep stable working pressure.


    Work pressure: 0.8-1.0MPa

    Temperature requirements: -5----50 centigrade

    Compress air output consumption: 0.9/m

    Gas storage volume: 1.5m3

    Electric requirements: 415V, 50Hz

    System Introduction: 

    1.Centralized air supplying with air compressing station.

    2.Compressed air filtered at the inlet is clean and stable.

    3.Individual control of each unit independently of each other

    4.Adjustable pressure with pressure meter for each unit

    5.Accessorial copper pipes and PV pipes are wearable.

    6.Re-filtered and lubricated with oil mist prior to entering each machine

    7.Integrated pneumatic and electric control system with one operation panel, featuring easy and convenient remote operation. 

    Raw materials & purchased components:

    a. Air compressor: 1set

    b. Air storage pot: 20G steel, thickness 20mm, professional manufacturer product, passed the nation pressure vessel text

    c. proportioning valve, pressure regulating valve, pressure meter, triple part, magnetic valve and filter etc pneumatic components: made in Airtac, Taiwan. 

    If the high-end 5ply automatic corrugation paperboard production plant caters to your requirement, welcome to buy the quality products for sale with us. We're one of the professional manufacturers in China, and we will offer you unmatched prices and service.

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