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Die Cutting Machine Set The Five Elements Of Color Scale, You Have To Know!
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Die Cutting Machine set the five elements of color scale, you have to know!
        The working principle of the Die Cutting Machine is to use the die cutter, steel knife, metal mold, steel wire, through the imprint plate to exert a certain pressure, the printed or cardboard rolled into a certain shape, then you know the die set What are the elements of the order? Here by Xiaobian to explain for you.
1, select the color order type. The color of the type of GCR and ECR are two, GCR as a gray component instead, ECR for the background removed, it is recommended to use GCR form.
2, to determine the Die Cutting Machine black version of the tone curve, when the image of the gray components less, usually Die Cutting Machine set the black version of the black version.
3, black version of the largest constraints of different types of originals should have a different value, 70% to 90% can be commonly used is 85%.
4, the total amount of ink on behalf of the four-color line and the maximum value, such as coated paper offset, desirable 330% to 380%, while the newsprint was about 260%.
5, Die Cutting Machine background color gain value of the main increase in the dark tone of the value, if the original tone of the dark tone level, then the value can be increased, and vice versa is as small as possible.
  Die Cutting Machine is mainly used for the corresponding non-metallic materials, paste, automatic waste, Die Cutting Machine using steel knife, metal mold, steel (or steel carved into a template), imprinted version of the pressure, Will be printed or cardboard rolled into a certain shape, the following Xiaobian you explain about the reasons for the decline in the accuracy of Die Cutting Machine.
           1, on the die-cutting or die-cutting version of the positioning are not allowed. The use of the machine for a long time will cause die-cutting frame or die-cutting plate on the positioning block wear, so that the gap is too large and lead to reduce the cutting accuracy.
 2, before and after the positioning of the pendulum positioning distance is too small. Because the length of the chain itself has a certain error, if the positioning distance is too small, then the front and rear positioning can not eliminate the chain error, thus affecting the die cutting accuracy.
 3, gripper pressure is too small or uneven. If the gusset's active dental elasticity becomes smaller due to long-term use, it will cause the paper to slip or fall off during the transfer process, which directly affects the die-cutting accuracy.
 4, cardboard transmission process, the main drive chain wear and tear elongation, will directly affect the positioning accuracy before die cutting, intermittent mechanism wear, resulting in tooth row in the stop or start the process of jitter, will also affect the cutting accuracy.
 Die Cutting Machine is mainly used for the corresponding non-metallic materials, stickers, indentation and bronzing operations metal molds, steel (or steel plate engraved into the template), through the imprint to exert a certain pressure, the printed or cardboard Rolled into a certain shape, then you know the advantages of Die Cutting Machine? Here by Xiaobian to explain for you.
1, Die Cutting Machine to make the equipment more affordable, easier to operate.
2, Die Cutting Machine safety performance is extremely high, there are photoelectric protection devices, and multiple protection, can completely avoid the damage to the equipment and equipment.
3, the whole machine using imported computer numerical control system, so that more accurate material, more materials, reduce waste for you to significantly reduce the cost of materials.
4, Die Cutting Machine with Taiwan imported gear reducer and inverter, allowing more reliable quality equipment more durable equipment.
5, Die Cutting Machine speed ultra-fast, high security, low noise.